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Ravers Paradise DJ of the month
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The ONLY station on the net with LIVE DJ scores, monthly events, DJ battles, Leaderboards and rewards!!! DJs play when they feel like it, not when they are told to... You have found the DJs playground known as Ravers Paradise!
We broadcast main events live from FANTAZIA, WE LOVE OLDSKOOL, TRANS4MERS and more...
Oldskool, Nuskool, Trance, Hip-Hop, House, Club, Hard House, Hard Trance, Nu-Breaks, Acid, Techno, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber... We play it all!
Welcome to the most unique internet radio station on planet earth! Welcome to Ravers Paradise!

Broadcast LIVE from your pub, club, venue or home and show the planet how YOUR place ROCKS! right here in RaversParadise!

Paradise Places:
The Hop House
Caesars Bar
Back to the Bass
We Love Oldskool

iMix CDs £2.99
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