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Established 2007 Ravers Paradise is an internet radio station like no other on the interwebs. Created by DJs, for DJs.
Ravers Paradise is based in the home of Dance Paradise. Great Yarmouth ~ The Rave capital of the world!
2021 sees a brand new launch of a much awaited, and much needed rebuild to the modern era.
Former members will need to create a new account for this new site.
Members can enjoy live chat and interact with live DJs.
Ravers Paradise is the only place that promotes total DJ freedom for the place of creative legends!
Ravers Paradise let the DJs take control like nowhere else.
DJs are fully aware of copyright laws regarding "off the shelf" music and take full responsibility for their own content.
Play what you like, how you like, when you like. Welcome to the genre neutral DJs Paradise.

Click here or the logo to enter Paradise. See ya there!
Site features

Instant access.
Chat room. (Members only)
Live DJ radio. (Pre-recorded mixes when not live)
Live DJ video (DJ Optional).
DJ access to the schedule. (Auto wiped by the hour)
Mobile friendly.
No weekly commitment.
No genre specific rules.
No banning for talk of other stations/sites.
100% No bad vibes.
True DJ click'n'play ~ EXCLUSIVELY on Ravers Paradise.
Tune in with: WinAmp, VLC Player, itunes, Media Player, Real Player or any browser.

Bring ya mates and party! ~ PEACE ~ LOVE ~ UNITY ~ Its about music!

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