A Brief History Of Ravers Paradise

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A Brief History Of Ravers Paradise

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The Version 1 Era
Ravers Paradise was founded in 2007 by Woody who started the radio server going in 2008. In the early days Ravers Paradise catered for mainly 1990s Piano House. More DJs and ravers began to join throughout 2009.

The Version 2 Era
In late 2010 Steve became the new owner of Ravers Paradise and has gone under many usernames including Candyman, Commodore, DJ KV and is today known as Cold As Ice. The music policy changed to allow all styles of music. The website became bigger and better. January 2011 saw a new feature known as DJ Of The Month. Everyone could vote who they thought was the biggest DJ during that time. 2011 also saw the introduction of VIP detonators that got their name change to gold plus there was a top donate too. Throughout 2011 this increase the population of ravers and DJs and by 2012 Ravers Paradise was absolutely rocking. It became a paradise escape from the stress of real life. People were not afraid to push the boundaries. DJs played every night from around 6pm into early hours of the morning. During it's peak mute mods were also added to watch the chatroom following the removal of moderators earlier in the year. You could meet lots of good people too. 2013 saw the launch of Saturday Night Players. This gave ravers a chance to hear different DJs every week and gave new DJs the change to have their first go at it. 2014 saw the site suffer from many attacks which eventually brought things to a close.

The Version 3 Era
In late 2015 a brand new Ravers Paradise was set up. Unlike version 2 this new one was much more low key. Many ravers and DJs had left and instead of having loads of admins there was now just 1 bouncer known as Msmaya. DJs were able to go on and come as they liked making a more relaxing scene. 2016 saw Ravers Paradise reduce dramatically in DJs and by 2018 the website was becoming derelict. In late 2019 Ravers Paradise became a self service but it was only short lived. The new decade did not start off very good for Ravers Paradise. The radio server disappeared at the very start of 2020. By 5th January 2020 visitors were then greeted with the message RIP RP 2008 - 2020.

The Version 4 Era
February 2021 saw the launch of the all new website in a similar style to version 3, complete with a new radio server and Athyjon became the new bouncer.
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Re: A Brief History Of Ravers Paradise

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what amazing history about ravers! :yay:
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